Notes from our CEO

Tesla’s high-efficiency solar panels are hitting the market, and you now have exclusive access through Kinect Solar. Assembled at Tesla’s Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, NY, these solar modules are sure to generate excitement with your customer base. Tesla’s quality and name recognition pair with top of the line Panasonic manufacturing technology to produce a beautiful, efficient, and well-priced solar panel.

Details you should know about Tesla solar modules:

Tesla Solar Panel

  • Tesla’s solar modules offer better performance at higher temperatures. Unlike conventional panels that tend to weaken as midday temperatures rise, Tesla’s modules feature an industry-leading temperature coefficient of -0.258% /⁰C, and their cell design delivers peak efficiency in even the hottest of climates.
  • With the added strength of Tesla’s ZEP frames, these modules allow installation with traditional racking in higher load zones; Tesla solar modules offer the industry’s most straightforward installation.
  • The advanced heterojunction technology (HJT) cells multiply energy output. Sunlight is captured from both sides of the cell, converting more of the sun’s rays into electricity and minimizing electron loss. Thin, amorphous silicon layers reduce electron carrier loss to minimal levels, resulting in a high-efficiency solar cell that produces more significant long-term energy output.

-Lauren Carson, CEO and Founder, Kinect Solar