Manufacturer part #DescriptionQTYLocationLead TimeSell $/unit2.5% Cash Discount $/unit Fronius - SYMO 10.0-3 LITE, 10kw Gridtie Inverter 208v/240v 16Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$1,750.00$1,706.25 Fronius - SYMO 10.0-3 WLAN, 10kw Gridtie Inverter 208v/240v 2Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$1,850.00$1,803.75 Fronius -, SYMO 20.0-3 LITE Gridtie inverter 480 5Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$2,063.92$2,012.32
4.240.021.z Fronius - Modbus Card Retrofit 4.240.021.z 52Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$41.20$40.17
4.240.021.z Fronius - Modbus Card Retrofit 4.240.021.z 10Springfield, NJIn Stock & Available$41.20$40.17
PVI-3.0-OUTD-S-US-A ABB - PVI-3.0-OUTD-S-US-A, 3000w Gridtie Inverter 208v/240v/277v 1Springfield, NJIn Stock & Available$865.20$843.57
PVI-3.6-OUTD-US-A ABB - PVI-3.6-OUTD-US, 3600w Gridtie Inverter 208v/240v/277v 1Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$865.20$843.57
SB2500HFUS-30 SMA - SB2500HFUS-30, 2500w Gridtie Inverter 240v w/disconnect 6Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$215.00$209.63
DC-DISCON2TLUS-10 SMA - DC-DISCON2TLUS-10, DC Disconnect for SBXXXXTL-US-22 19Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$128.75$125.53
DC-DISCON2TLUS-10 SMA - DC-DISCON2TLUS-10, DC Disconnect for SBXXXXTL-US-22 4Springfield, NJIn Stock & Available$128.75$125.53
DC-DISCONU-21 SMA - DC-DISCONU-21 1Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$128.75$125.53
DC-DISCONU-22 SMA - DC-DISCONU-22 1Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$128.75$125.53
SBCB-6-3R SMA - SBCB-6-3R, Combiner Box, 6 Circuits, 90A, 600VDC, NEMA 3R 1Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$60.00$58.50
SBCBTL6-10 SMA - SBCBTL6-10, 6 string combiner 20A for TL inverters 2Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$77.25$75.32
DC-DM-485CB-US-10 SMA - DC-DM-485CB-US-10, RS485 Comm Card for SBXXXTL-US-22 & STP 26Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$25.75$25.11
RSC-1X-US-10 SMA - RSC-1X-US-10, Rapid Shutdown Controller 1Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$42.00$40.95
485QMUS-10-NR SMA - 485QMUS-10-NR, RS485-Quick module for SBXXXX HF-US 9Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$10.30$10.04
485QMUS-10-NR SMA - 485QMUS-10-NR, RS485-Quick module for SBXXXX HF-US 3Springfield, NJIn Stock & Available$10.30$10.04
BTREP-IN SMA - BTREP-IN, Bluetooth Repeater 4Springfield, NJIn Stock & Available$20.60$20.09
BTREP-IN SMA - BTREP-IN, Bluetooth Repeater 7Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$20.60$20.09
PBL-SBUS-10-NR SMA - PBL-SBUS-10-NR POWER BALANCER KIT FOR THREE PHASE 1Springfield, NJIn Stock & Available$51.50$50.21
SUNNY-SENSOR-BOX SMA - SUNNY-SENSOR-BOX, Sunny Sensorbox Monitor 2Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$97.85$95.40
TEMPSENSOR-MODULE SMA - MODULE TEMPERATURE SENSOR 3Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$20.60$20.09
SUNBEAM-BT SMA - SUNBEAM-BT, Sunnybeam Display w/Bluetooth 5Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$46.35$45.19
SUNBEAM-BT SMA - SUNBEAM-BT, Sunnybeam Display w/Bluetooth 6Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$46.35$45.19
BEAM-BT-SUPPLY SMA - BEAM-BT-SUPPLY Sunny Beam Power Supply 7Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$10.00$9.75
EXTANT-US-40 SMA - EXTANT-US-40 WiFi Antenna Extension Kit 12Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$18.00$17.55
Monplat-Sensor SMA - MONPLAT-SENSOR, Sensorbox Mounting Plate 1Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$1.03$1.00
SMA - RED LID FOR SUNNY BOY MODELS 2Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$25.75$25.11
KLKD-12 SMA - KLKD-12, SMA fuse 12A 600v 50Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$1.03$1.00
KLKD-10 SMA - KLKD-10, SMA fuse 10A 600v 27Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$1.03$1.00
KLKD-8 SMA - KLKD-8, SMA fuse 8A 600v 50Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$1.03$1.00
KLKD-6 SMA - KLKD-6, SMA fuse 6A 600v 50Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$1.03$1.00
KLKD-5 SMA - KLKD-5, SMA fuse 5A 600v 40Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$1.03$1.00
KLKD-4 SMA - KLKD-4, SMA fuse 4A 600v 50Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$1.03$1.00
IQ7-60-2-US Enphase - IQ7-60-2-US, Gridtie Microinverter 60 cell only 208v/240v, MC4 89Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$97.00$94.58
EN-Q-BA-3-1P-60 Enphase - EN-Q-BA-3-1P-60, IQ Circuit Aggregator 102Springfield, NJIn Stock & Available$95.00$92.63
EN-Q-DCC-5 Enphase - IQ Adapter, Amphenol UTX for IQ series microinverters 210Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$5.15$5.02
EN-Q-DCC-5 Enphase - IQ Adapter, Amphenol UTX for IQ series microinverters 156Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$5.15$5.02
Q-SEAL-10 Enphase - Female Sealing Cap for unused Q Cable connectors 8Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$3.21$3.13
XAM1-120-B Enphase - XAM1-120-B AC Combiner Box w/Envoy S-Metered 1Springfield, NJIn Stock & Available$303.85$296.25
ET17-240-01 Enphase - ET17-240-01, 240v landscape trunk cable 962Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$19.50$19.01
ET10-240-01 Enphase - ET10-240-01, 240v Portrait trunk cable 1842Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$19.50$19.01
ET-TERM-10 Enphase - ET-TERM-10, Enphase Branch Terminator 186Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$3.50$3.41
ET-TERM-10 Enphase - ET-TERM-10, Enphase Branch Terminator 4Springfield, NJIn Stock & Available$3.50$3.41
ET-SPLK-05 Enphase - ET-SPLK-05 Splice kit 5Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$5.00$4.88
ET-DISC-01 Enphase - ET-DISC-05  cable disconnect tool 36Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$1.55$1.51
ET-SEAL-10 Enphase - ET-SEAL-10, Enphase trunk cable seal cap (single) 1128Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$2.06$2.01
ET-SEAL-10 Enphase - ET-SEAL-10, Enphase trunk cable seal cap (single) 1019Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$2.06$2.01
EPLC-01 Enphase - EPLC-01, Powerline Comms for Envoy 2pcs/box 29Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$5.00$4.88
WF-01 Enphase - WF-01, WiFi Adapter for Envoy 33Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$25.75$25.11
CELLMODEM-01 Enphase - CELLULAR MODEM WITH 5 YEAR DATA PLAN 1Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$164.80$160.68
RGM-ZGB-01 Enphase - ZIGBEE USB STICK FOR ENVOY COMM W/RGM 17Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$41.20$40.17
EFM-35mm Enphase - EFM-35mm, frame mount bracket for 35mm frames 11Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$2.06$2.01
EFM-CC Enphase - EFM-CC, connector clip for trunk cable to rail 50Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$1.03$1.00
SE3000H-US000NNU2 SolarEdge - SE3000H-US000NNU2, 3000w gridtie inverter, 240v 12Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$815.00$794.63
SE3000H-US000NNC2 SolarEdge - SE3000H-US000NNU2, 3000w gridtie inverter, 240v w/RGM 1Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$815.00$794.63
SE3800H-US000NNU2 SolarEdge - SE3800H-US000NNU2, 3800w Gridtie inverter, 240v 18Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$835.00$814.13
SE10k-US-480 SolarEdge - SE10k-US-480, 10kw Gridtie Inverter 480v 13Springfield, NJIn Stock & Available$733.33$715.00
SE-P320 SolarEdge - SE-P320, 320w Optimizer *OUT OF BOX** 1Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$52.50$51.19
SE-P405-2RM4ARM SolarEdge - SE-P405-2RM4ARM 405w optimzer for thin film modules 321Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$50.00$48.75
SE-P700 Solaredge - SE-P700 700w Dual Module Optimizer 106Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$42.00$40.95
SE1000-RS485-IF-NARS485 SolarEdge - SE1000-RS485-IF-NARS485 Expansion Kit 27Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$45.00$43.88
SE1000-ZB05-SLV-NA SolarEdge - SE1000-ZB05-SLV-NA ZigBee Wireless Slave Card 4Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$25.00$24.38
DCD-1PH-US-S2-B-R SolarEdge - DCD-1PH-US-S2-B-R: AC/DC Safety Switch; RGM, use w/ SE 10-11.4kW 131Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$125.00$121.88
SE1000−RSD−S3 SolarEdge - SE1000−RSD−S3 RAPID SHUTDOWN KIT 480V 14Springfield, NJIn Stock & Available$6.53$6.37
OBB-15-150VDC-DIN Outback - OBB-15-150VDC-DIN, Dinrail Breaker 150VDC/15A 20Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$8.24$8.03
FM Extrem Fan Outback - FM Extrem Fan, Optional Cooling fan for FlexMax extreme 1Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$10.30$10.04
SCOM-USB Outback - SCOM-USB, Smart Harvest RS-485 to USB Adapter 11Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$28.84$28.12
TBB-Brown Outback - TBB-Brown, Terminal Bus Bar Brown 4Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$5.15$5.02
DIN-60D-AC-480 Outback - DIN-60D-AC-480, 60A 480VAC MAX, 2-POLE, DIN mount Breaker 186Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$12.36$12.05
SCCP05-050 Outback - SCCP05-050, Smart Harvest PWM Control, Charge/load controls 5A-12/24vdc 7Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$30.90$30.13
PVP4600-SD-208 PVPowered - PVP4600, 4600w gridtie inverter 208v 8Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$190.55$185.79
Solis-RSD2L-1G Ginlong Solis - RSD2L-1G, Rapid Shutdown Boxes 2 in to 2 out 73Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$75.00$73.13
Solis-RSD1L-1G Ginlong Solis - RSD1L-1G, Rapid Shutdown Boxes 1 in to 1 out 51Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$65.00$63.38
300-00160 Ginlong Solis - 300-00160 Datalogging wifi stick 7Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$20.00$19.50
SOLIS-DLB-WIFI Ginlong Solis - SOLIS-DLB-WIFI, Data Logging box Wifi 22Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$66.95$65.28
SN0610 Square D - SN0610, Neutral Busbar Kit 2Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$12.36$12.05
PK4GTA Square D - PK4GTA, Ground Busbar Kit 4Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$12.36$12.05
PST-15S-12E Samlex - PST-15S-12E, Battery Inverter, Off-grid Sine Wave, 150 W, 12 VDC, 230 VAC, 50 HZ 1Sacramento, CAIn Stock & Available$66.95$65.28
MTA 12 SolarMax - MTA 12, 12kw Gridtie inverter 480v 2Austin, TXIn Stock & Available$360.00$351.00