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Manage Excess Inventory & Maximize Your ROI
Manufacturers, large-scale distributors and EPC companies partner with Kinect to sell their product off-market, reach qualified buyers and gain market insights from the Kinect team of experts.

Maximize Revenue

Recover value from excess inventory services by turning surplus equipment into a revenue stream.

Excess Inventory Management

Sell excess solar and energy equipment from overstock, used, decommissioned and otherwise unwanted inventory to qualified buyers.

Consultative Services

Access consultative expertise on renewable equipment recovery, market value, shipping, storage and more.

Partner With Kinect!


Turn the burden of excess inventory into a revenue opportunity!

Reliable. Transparent. Supportive.


Market shifts, products evolve, and forecasts change.

Kinect’s online marketplace and consultative services model enables you to extract value from excess inventory seamlessly, despite ever-changing demands.

We'll Sell For You!

Kinect will market your inventory to qualified buyers

Resell Inventory

Resell your inventory through our online marketplace

Market Expertise

Leverage Kinect's expertise of secondary markets to to maximize ROI

Turn the burden of excess inventory into a revenue opportunity!

Full Service

Logistics assistance and coordination

Flexible Partnership Options

Profit sharing or cash upfront

Free Up Storage

Free up valuable warehouse space

Kinect Credit


Complete your Kinect Solar credit application and start growing your business today.