First Solar

First Solar Series 6

Series 6

380 – 450 watts

  • Up to 8% more lifetime energy and lower LCOE
  • Up to 18.2% efficiency
  • Certified beyond IEC standards
  • Superior temperature coefficient (-0.32%/ ̊C)
  • Under-mount SpeedSlots™ for faster installation
  • Dual junction box simplifies wire management
  • Best-in-class durability and reliability
  • No power loss from LiD or LeTID
  • Immune to power loss from cell cracking
  • Industry’s best environmental profile
  • 30-year linear performance warranty
  • 12-year limited product warranty
  • Warranty against power loss from cell cracking

Series 6 Plus

430 – 460 watts

  • Available Q3 2021
  • Includes all the advantages of Series 6
  • Up to 18.3% efficiency
  • Larger form factor for more watts / module
  • Comes in two variants: low-load and high-load modules
  • 30-year linear performance warranty
  • 12-year limited product warranty
  • Warranty against power loss from cell cracking

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, First Solar cells do not crack under static load, thermal cycling, and dynamic load conditions (like wind and snow). Cell cracking only occurs in c-Si modules and cannot be seen by the naked eye. First Solar’s thin film modules are also extremely resistant to glass breakage, featuring an industry-leading hail impact certification. Plus, Series 6 modules are protected by the industry’s first and only product warranty that specifically covers power loss from cell cracking.

First Solar Series 6 modules are compatible with 50+ of the leading fixed-tilt, tracker, and carport/canopy providers in the market. Many of them have worked closely with First Solar to create an optimized product around the Series 6 SpeedSlot, which auto-aligns the module on a rack, reducing the need for jigs and spacers. If you prefer standard mid- and end- clamps, First Solar Series 6 modules are compatible with those too!

First Solar’s dual junction box design simplifies the installation process and eliminates module-to-module wire management and associated costs. This makes installation quick and easy. By comparison, c-Si modules require costly module-to-module wire management solutions that can add to installation time and BOS costs.

First Solar’s modules generate up to 4% more specific energy yield due to the superior spectral response of thin film CdTe technology in humid climates.

Kinect Solar is actively engaged with First Solar to train our technical and sales teams to share best practices for optimum project design with Series 6. First Solar and Kinect Solar are also developing pre-recorded technical trainings that potential customers can use to understand Series 6 design, modeling, and optimization. Need preliminary designs and modeling? Kinect Solar has you covered with free Helioscope reports.

First Solar’s modules utilize CdTe semiconductor technology which does not have the mechanism that causes Light Induced Degradation (LID) or Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation (LeTID). Only crystalline silicon modules experience a 2-3% decrease in power output due to Light Induced Degradation (LID) and Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation (LeTID).

No, cadmium telluride (CdTe) is not the same as cadmium. CdTe is a stable compound that is insoluble in water and has an extremely high chemical and thermal stability. The thin layer of CdTe is encapsulated between two sheets of glass and sealed with an industrial laminate, resulting in a strongly bonded device. More than 50 researchers from leading international institutions have confirmed the environmental benefits and safety of First Solar’s thin film PV technology.

By utilizing wire harnesses, multiple strings of Series 6 modules can be paralleled into “super strings” of up to 48 modules. Because each super string has one input into the inverter, wiring First Solar PV systems is very similar to standard c-Si.

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