Mission Solar 300w BOW

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Mission Solar 300w Mono Black Frame, White Backsheet, 1500v

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Proudly assembled in the USA Mission Solar Energy is headquartered in San Antonio, TX with module facilities onsite. Mission’s hardworking team calls Texas home and is devoted to producing high quality solar products. The Mission Solar supply chain includes local and domestic vendors increasing the impact to the U.S. economy. The Mission MSE PERC 60’s slick all-black design coupled with outstanding power output makes it ideal for DG installations including residential and commercial rooftop systems. Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) technology provides excellent power output through its advanced cell structure. The Mission Solar Energy production lines are fully automated and include multiple quality checks throughout the production process ensuring a reliable product in the field.

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Weight 40.1 lbs
Dimensions 66 × 39 × 1.6 in