Kinect Solar Rebrand: What’s Changing and Why

We’re excited to reveal our new look and provide our perspective on why we decided to rebrand, and why now. Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn about what is changing as a result.

Redefining Ourselves and Our Look

This rebrand marks a significant milestone in our journey. We’ve grown a lot over the past six years. Today, we have relationships with major suppliers, sell to thousands of customers, and distribute solar equipment throughout the United States. We’ve also added a range of services beyond distribution.

Two years ago, we launched our sister company, SunLogix Global, a pure play solar logistics company. While there were many capable third-party logistics (3PLs) providers out there, none of them specialize in solar. We felt we could do better and jumped at the opportunity.

We were on to something – the growth on that side of the business has been incredible. Today we are managing the transportation and storage of more than a gigawatt (GW) of assets. We’ve only just begun and see lots of potential to grow in this space.

With this evolution, we had outgrown our old identity. It is time for an upgrade that reflects who we are today and where we see ourselves going in the future.

The solar supply chain is under intense strain right now. We’re evolving our business to help our partners meet those challenges head-on. More than a refresh to our visual identity, this rebrand is about redefining who we are and how we want to serve the market going forward.

Lauren Carson​
, CEO, Kinect Solar​

SunLogix Global to Operate Under the Kinect Solar Name

We made the decision as part of this rebrand to sunset the SunLogix Global name. Logistics are central to our new strategy. Not only will we gain efficiencies by integrating logistics more into the Kinect Solar suite of offerings, but we will be better positioned to help our partners solve multiple, overlapping supply chain issues.

Our current SunLogix Global partners will continue to experience the same great service they’ve always received from the same dedicated folks, but with the added support of the broader Kinect Solar team.

Same Name, New Logo

We’ve worked hard over the last six years to make the Kinect Solar name synonymous with transparent pricing, solar expertise, and reliability. As a result, we decided to keep our name, but add more emphasis to the word “Kinect” in the new logo.

Old Kinect Solar Logo
Previous Logo
New Kinect Solar Logo
New Logo

Kinect = “kinetic” + “connection.”

Kinetic comes from the Greek word kinētikos, meaning “of motion.” It is a fitting word for our company and our industry: dynamic, energetic, and always moving forward. We reinforced this concept by adding an arrow to the logo, a symbol synonymous with direction and motion, capped by a colorful chevron in the two-color version that sets it apart from the rest of the logotype.

For us, Connection is about relationships — between people, systems, and so much more. We are committed to building meaningful relationships with our partners and vendors. To capture this concept in the logo, we reduced the space (kerning) between the letters, allowing each letter to flow into the next. This creates a sense of connection and permanence.

The word “SOLAR” now sits beneath the main logotype to emphasize the industry we serve.

Bold Colors to Match Our Unique Personality

The people and culture of Kinect Solar are vibrant and full of life. Our roots are in Texas, and we aren’t afraid to let our bold personality and independent spirt shine through. We wanted our new color palette to reflect that.

Kinect Solar Color Palette

Bluish purple might seem like an interesting primary color for a solar company, but that’s why we like it. It’s different, just like us. The dark gray grounds everything and provides contrast, whereas the secondary colors provide plenty of room for creative exploration. Altogether, this new color palette allows us to express ourselves in ways our old palette did not.

You’ll soon see these new colors on our communications, website, and everywhere our brand is found.

Refined Vision and Mission Statement

We are taking advantage of this opportunity to better communicate the breadth of expertise and capabilities Kinect Solar offers, beginning with our newly refined vision:

We aspire to be the most trusted supply chain solutions provider in the solar industry.

We believe our revised vision is aspirational because we understand that winning the trust of our partners is an unending journey. That box will never fully be checked. It will stretch us and make us better.

This vision reveals our broader ambitions to position our company as a supply chain solutions provider, reinforced by our newly refined mission statement:

We optimize solar supply chains by providing our partners with end-to-end solutions, unmatched expertise, and superior service.

We see our partners struggling because of inefficiencies in their supply chains, confusion brought on by constantly changing macroeconomic conditions, and because they choose to work with companies that think no further than the next transaction.

We believe it’s our responsibility to help our partners overcome these challenges by offering end-to-end solutions, backed by our industry expertise and incredible service. If we get that right, our partners will choose us time and again because we make their lives easier.

Same Core Values

One of the things that won’t be changing is our core values. They have served as guideposts in good times and challenging times alike.

We are family.

We’re stronger together as a team than as individuals. We’re selfless, not ego driven. We have a company-first attitude and willingness to help others on our team. We’re humble, bring a positive attitude to the office, and have fun while crushing it as a team.

We strive for excellence.

We’re constantly evolving and improving. We’re self-aware and looking to create a better version of ourselves. We approach problems with curiosity and with a vision for an even better future.

We act with integrity and are transparent.

We act with integrity. We do what we say we’ll do and take ownership of the results. We’re empowered and empower those around us. We’re accountable for our actions and do not make excuses. Our co-workers, customers, and vendors trust us.

We crush it and go the extra mile.

We have a natural and unquenchable desire to win. We’re laser focused and will boldly do whatever it takes to achieve the desired results. We’re hungry, fast, motivated, and effective.

We work hard and live hard.

We put our all into work and life, never forgetting to have fun along the way.

Thank You to Our Valued Partners and Suppliers

We thank our valued partners and suppliers for your continued business and support. Without you, we would not have the confidence necessary to take this next step in our evolution.

We hope you like our new look and welcome your feedback.

Please email to request access to our new brand guidelines and logo.