Onsite Storage

Storage for Right Now

Keep your solar equipment and tools close at hand without risking weather damage or theft. Kinect Solar offers temporary onsite storage solutions to keep your project on schedule and your equipment secure, while minimizing trips from job site to warehouse.

You Need the Right Equipment at the Right Time

A successful solar installation requires meticulous site management. Racks, PV modules, and other equipment should be on site when you need them – not too much before and definitely not after your team is waiting. Even with careful planning though, delivery timetables won’t always match up with yours. A work delay can mean your fragile PV modules are left outside overnight or longer, and any delivery complications (unfortunately more common today than ever) can leave your workers on the job site without the equipment they need.

Solar equipment that’s left out at a job site is vulnerable to weather damage, other accidental damage, and theft. When tools and equipment aren’t on site when you need them, your timeline is at risk, costing you in both money and reputation. A convenient warehouse can solve many of these issues, but daily runs between your warehouse and job site can get expensive quickly.

Kinect Solar Onsite Storage to the Rescue

Temporary onsite storage gives you access to the solar equipment you need, right when you need it. We deliver a right-sized storage container to your job site, allowing you to keep more than one day’s materials on hand. This is an ideal solution for larger project staging, giving you some extra protection against delivery delays.

Temporary onsite solar storage also provides a secure space for the materials you’re not currently using, which can lower your site insurance rates. We’ll help you keep your equipment close at hand without repetitive warehouse trips, weather damage, or theft.

Customized Onsite Storage Solutions

Shipping containers from Kinect Solar are secure, weather-proof, and transportable. Have one or several dropped off at your job site when needed and picked up as soon as you’re finished. You can even store your tools and equipment inside for multiple jobs and just have the container moved to meet you.

The Kinect Solar Advantage

Kinect Solar is focused on one industry, so we understand your solar business needs. Our portable onsite storage ensures your fragile PV modules, solar job tools, and any other equipment can be safely locked up at the end of the day.

Our goal is to make your job easier, no matter how large or small the job is. That means every onsite solar storage solution is customized to your needs, can be scaled up or down for the size of your project, and arrives when you need it. All our operators are vetted for solar capability, so you can rest easy knowing anyone transporting your storage container can handle it safely.

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We’re the only purely solar-focused logistics provider in the United States and we’re ready to help you with all your solar shipping and storage needs. Say goodbye to complicated coordination between multiple providers. Follow the links below for more details on our other services, or contact our team right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the size of your job and what you plan to use the storage space for. Our team of dedicated solar logistics professionals can help you assess the right container for your site.

You’ll need firm, level ground that matches the dimensions of the storage container. Our team can help you assess whether your space meets the requirements.

Our containers are made of steel and can be securely locked with a commercial padlock. They are sturdy and weatherproof.

Our solar logistics network spans all of North America, which allows us to pick up and drop off most onsite storage solutions within a few days.

Yes! Just tell us where and when you need storage. Our network spans all of North America and our solutions are scalable for any job size, including multi-site projects and large project staging.