Inventory Liquidation

Don’t waste time and money managing inventory you don’t need. Get excess and underperforming solar inventory out of your warehouse now with a cash offer from Kinect Solar, or let us help you sell it. In an industry that’s always changing, even the best inventory management can leave you with solar equipment you can’t use or market. We offer a variety of solar liquidation services so you can stop paying to store it and won’t have to write it off.

Is it time to liquidate?

Obsolete inventory usually creates cash flow problems. If you’re storing dead, overstock, or aging PV inventory, chances are its value is decreasing and it’s clogging up your warehouse. Inventory liquidation helps your bottom line by swapping the unwanted stock for cash. If you have solar product that’s no longer moving quickly, has been discontinued, or you just plain can’t sell, the best thing to keep your business healthy is to liquidate the excess inventory. Get a return on your stock before you have to write it off as a loss.

Solar inventory liquidation is a hassle. We’ll do the hard part for you.

Making your job easier is always our number one goal. We offer a variety of liquidation services so you can select the best option for your business: Cash Buyout, Exclusive Sales, Non-exclusive Sales, and Consignment services. You can expect transparency, accuracy, and timeliness no matter which process you choose.
Cash Buyout Consignment Exclusive Sales Non-exclusive Sales
What happens We purchase your inventory directly We manage your inventory at one of our warehouses You grant us exclusive access to sell the product We list your product for sale and you may allow other retailers to list it
Ideal for… When you need to get rid of inventory fast When you have time to maximize your return in the market Those who want additional access to Kinect Solar customers Those who want the benefits of selling through Kinect Solar with added flexibility
Things to consider
  • Fastest solution
  • Simple transaction
  • Logistics services available
  • Low-risk route to market
  • Potential for higher returns
  • Flexible storage options – store at your facility or ours
  • Contract required
  • Logistics services available for additional fee
  • Exclusive access to Kinect Solar customers
  • Products featured regularly in our marketing
  • Potential for higher returns
  • Product remains in your control at your facility
  • Contract required
  • Logistics services available for additional fee
  • Flexibility to try multiple sellers
  • Product remains in your control at your facility
  • Contract required
  • Logistics services available for additional fee

The Kinect Solar Advantage

There are a lot of general inventory liquidators, buyers, and third-party management businesses out there but our industry expertise sets us apart. We deal exclusively in solar, so you can trust us to understand your business specifics and market your equipment to the most targeted audience. If you choose to consign or sell with us, your detailed listing will instantly reach our growing customer base of more than 8,000 solar professionals.

We also own all the logistics. With warehouses all over North America, we’re ready to move your inventory quickly and efficiently — it’s good for you and it’s good for our buyers. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on earning your loyalty. Liquidating your excess PV equipment isn’t just a single transaction to us, it’s part of a relationship. That means you can trust us to guide you through the liquidation process with care and excellent customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

If it’s used in solar PV installations, we probably buy it. We specialize in PV modules (crystalline or thin-film), inverters, racks, and Balance of System (BOS) components.
We buy manufacturing overproduction, new, used, aged, discontinued, customer returns, and canceled order items.
If you choose to liquidate through a cash buyout with Kinect Solar, you’ll receive a no-obligation offer within a few days. From there, our team will handle all the logistics to get your inventory off your hands quickly. If you choose another of Kinect Solar’s sales or consignment plans, the length of time will depend on how quickly your equipment sells, based on current market demand. Most customers who list with us have a buyer within a few days or weeks.
We market directly to solar professionals. Our customers know us as a reputable solar vendor and your listing will reach our growing customer base of more than 8,000 professionals in the solar market.
Kinect Solar specializes in solar logistics. For liquidation sales, we manage all transportation. We’re happy to manage transportation for other sale options as well, regular rates apply. Click here to learn more about our domestic shipping capabilities

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