Expedited and
Hot Shot Shipping

Solar project requirements can change quickly and when new equipment needs arise, you can’t afford to wait on anyone else’s schedule. For the times standard shipping just won’t cut it, keep your project on track with Kinect Solar’s expedited freight services.

Expedited or hot shot shipping can save you in a pinch

You can do everything right in your solar business and one major shipping complication can still ruin a whole job or deal. Ideally, getting solar equipment from warehouse to job site is a smooth, regular process. Sometimes, though, a delivery gets missed, you need a new piece of equipment right away, or an expedited job demands faster delivery.

For times like these, you need an expedited solar shipping solution to avoid costly downtime or a delay in your timeline. Expedited and

hot shot shipping services get your inventory to its destination quickly and on short notice. Where standard shipping services are tailored to be the most cost-effective, expedited services are meant – and can be customized – to be the fastest.

Hot shot shipping solutions are often smaller than commercial trucking solutions and take your solar equipment directly to its destination, optimized for speed. With hot shot shipping, your equipment can be the only freight on board, preventing damage from other loads and ensuring personalized attention to your delivery.

Finding the right shipping
service is tricky in a rush

When you’re used to doing thorough research to find the best logistics partners, looking for the most immediate solution can result in cut corners. Even on a tight deadline, it’s still important to find carriers who are familiar with transporting fragile PV modules and other solar equipment, to gather multiple rate quotes, and to negotiate the best expedited shipping and logistics rates. As with any other shipment, timelines and routes must be carefully coordinated, contracts can be complicated, and hidden fees pop up when least expected.

We only work with providers we’ve vetted for solar capability

Don’t worry, we’ve got this

Kinect Solar is the only logistics provider that works exclusively with solar equipment. That means you can trust us to match you with operators who are experienced in moving solar equipment and handle all the time-consuming due diligence for you on a tight timeline. Our number one goal is to make your job easier. With Kinect Solar, you can expect:

  • Multiple rate quotes from our network of reliable, high-quality, solar-vetted carriers
  • Shipping solutions tailored to the size and specifics of your project, large or small
  • Solar-safe transportation, including additional packaging requirements for PV modules that are no longer in manufacturer packaging
  • Handling of all necessary documentation, including images for insurance purposes
  • Single point of communication and coordination, removing errors that come from working with multiple providers

Kinect Solar’s Expedited and Hot Shot Services

  • Expedited less-than truckload (LTL) and full-truckload (FTL) shipments
  • Hot shot shipping
  • Time-critical and time-definite shipping
  • Warehouse-to-project-site delivery: straight trucks, tractor-trailers, and delivery vans

Don't Just Take Our Word for it

I work with Kinect and they are absolutely fantastic. Great communication, personable, and easy to work with. I highly recommend!


Frequently Asked Questions

Standard solar shipping refers to using regularly scheduled modes of transportation to move your solar equipment. Standard shipping is tailored to be as cost-effective as possible while still moving freight efficiently. Expedited solar shipping refers to any options that move your solar products faster than standard shipping. Expedited solar shipping can include air, freight, and/or ground transportation.

There are many modes of expedited shipping, including both air and ground transport. Hot shot shipping refers to single, often smaller, trucks that move freight for a single customer. Because the truck goes directly from your pickup site to your drop off site and no other freight is loaded, this is usually the fastest route for your equipment to get from point A to point B within the United States. Depending on the distance required, most hot shot shipments arrive within 24 to 48 hours.

Expedited shipping is often necessary when something has not gone according to plan. A missed shipment, unplanned change in inventory needs, or change in project scope or requirements often call for expedited freight in order to keep the job on track. A project that requires delivery at a specific date or time (time-definite delivery) may also require expedited shipping and logistics. The gist of it: any time the standard shipping timeline does not meet your needs, expedited shipping may save the day.

Getting your solar equipment to you as quickly as possible usually means using more expensive modes of transportation. Although expedited shipping will cost more than standard shipping, with multiple rate quotes from Kinect Solar you can be assured of a competitive rate for whichever type of shipping you need.

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