Why Sell with
Kinect Solar

Why Sell with Kinect Solar

We specialize in sourcing and selling quality solar equipment from all over the industry. Our deep knowledge of the solar industry makes us an ideal buyer for companies and installers looking to offload excess equipment. We offer several paths to market and we have thousands of residential and commercial solar professionals who regularly buy from us. If you have solar equipment to sell, we’ll find the right buyer.

Kinect Solar’s Model - Good for Your Business, Good for the Earth

As an independent solar wholesaler and distributor, our goal is to make the solar industry work for our clients. One way we do that is by offering a resale market for solar equipment.

We buy new and used solar equipment from all over the industry, including project excess, order cancellations, manufacturer overruns, and product closeouts. We make our inventory available to our client list of solar professionals on a first-come, first-served basis, so products move quickly. Our buyers get below-market prices, sellers recoup costs, and good equipment gets put to use.

Recoup inventory costs
Pay below-retail prices for quality equipment
More efficient market with minimal product going to waste
Installing Solar Panel

If You Have Excess Solar Equipment, We’ll Move it for You

If it’s used in solar installations, we have a market for it: solar panels, inverters and disconnects, solar batteries, BOS and cabling, racking, and other miscellaneous inventory. We buy and sell various quantities, so even if you have less than a pallet of modules, you can sell solar energy components with us. We purchase inventory from manufacturers, independent power providers, national and regional distributors, developers, and installers. Our clients are commercial and residential solar professionals.

Did we mention we’re also an industry-leading solar logistics business? When we say we can move your equipment, we literally mean it. Learn more about our Domestic Shipping , Port & Drayage Services, and Warehouse Storage.

Choose the Best Resale Option for Your Business

Your solar business deserves customized solutions, so we offer multiple options for liquidating or reselling solar equipment:


We purchase your inventory immediately and directly. The sale is complete in one transaction with Kinect Solar.


We manage your inventory but you retain ownership until we find a buyer for it. This route usually takes a little longer but you may get a higher return on your inventory.


You grant Kinect Solar exclusive rights to sell your product to our client base of solar professionals.


You list your product with Kinect Solar and may also allow other retailers to list it.

Why Choose to Sell with Kinect Solar?

  • Low-risk options. You never pay anything to list your solar products with Kinect Solar and only pay a small fee when your items sell. The only thing you have to lose is your unused inventory.
  • Discrete resale channel. Though we provide a detailed description of every product we sell, we do not disclose our sellers.
  • Access to thousands of interested buyers. Unlike most third-party wholesalers who cast a wide net across multiple industries, Kinect Solar’s client base is solely focused on solar professionals. Every potential buyer who sees your listing is looking specifically for solar equipment and we have thousands of regular customers.
  • Dedicated sales and technical staff. When you sell through us, you have access to our staff of solar professionals. Our full-time sales team is dedicated to finding the right buyer for your solar equipment and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.
  • Reliable delivery to buyers. Our industry-leading logistics services allow us to quickly and efficiently transport your equipment to the buyer, so they get the equipment when they need it and you get paid ASAP.
  • Flexible business model. Our buying strategies allow us to react to frequently changing opportunities and trends in the market, ensuring your listing stays up-to-date and relevant in an unpredictable market.
  • We are THE secondary solar market experts in the US. You can trust us to accurately assess the market value of your inventory and efficiently target potential buyers. Buyers come to us because they trust us.

How to Sell Solar Equipment with Kinect Solar

  1. Tell us what inventory you want to unload Click Here
  2. Our solar experts provide an evaluation and explain your options (cash offer, consignment, etc.)
  3. As soon as you accept the terms, we either purchase your inventory (cash offer) or create a detailed, targeted sales listing that goes out to thousands of solar clients.
  4. A buyer (or buyers) selects your product and Kinect Solar handles all payment through our secure processing system.
  5. You can ship the items to the buyer yourself or Kinect Solar will handle the logistics (additional fee).
  6. As soon as the buyer receives the items, Kinect Solar issues payment to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Solar businesses come in many sizes and we’re here for all of them. We specialize in buying and selling solar panels and other equipment in flexible quantities so both our buyers and our sellers get what they need, no matter their size.

You’ll never pay anything to list inventory with Kinect Solar. We collect a fee from the purchase price only when the items sell.

We purchase both new and used solar equipment. If the equipment is in good working condition, there is likely a secondhand market for it.

Kinect Solar’s industry-leading logistics and distribution services are designed to get equipment to buyers quickly and efficiently. When you ship with us, we guarantee safe delivery. However if you prefer to arrange your own shipping, you may. We believe in customizing the solution that works best for you.

With Kinect Solar’s secure payment system, you’ll receive payment as soon as the items are delivered to the buyer. Because we handle all payments, you never have to worry about being scammed or missing payment.