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Sol-Ark Inverter

Hybrid Inverter (8K and 12K)

Sol-Ark’s hybrid inverters are some of the most advanced and flexible inverters available on the market. These inverters work with or without a battery and can be stacked for whole-home power.

  • Suitable for off-grid or grid-tie applications
  • AC coupled or DC coupled
  • Everything included in one box and RSD compatible
  • Works with virtually any 48V battery and can be stacked to provide whole-home power
  • Capable of 4 millisecond “no-glitch” switch time with an impressive 93% round-trip efficiency
  • Remote-monitoring capable, Zero Export Power functionality, TOU modes for peak shaving, and programmable % battery shutoff for use with generators
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Estimated 20-year lifespan; LFP = 6,000 cycles
  • EMP-hardened option available
  • IEEE 2030.5 approved; on CEC and SGIP lists
  • Financing available through Sunlight Financial, Loanpal, Enium, Sungage Financial, Mosaic, and Dividend

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both the 8kW and 12kW Sol-Ark models are true hybrid inverters that include the following components, all fully integrated into one package:

  • Transformer–less inverter
  • Two independent MPPTs
  • Battery charge controllers
  • High speed (4 millisecond) auto-transfer switch
  • Color touch display
  • Online remote monitoring with Wi-Fi, included free of charge
  • DC and AC wiring box that includes inputs for solar (PV) array, grid (building mains), battery bank, backup generator, protected loads subpanel, rapid shutdown (RSD) control, and Wi-Fi monitoring
  • Grid-tie
  • Off grid
  • Residential and commercial installations
  • Whole home battery backup
  • Battery backup for protected loads such as lights, refrigerators,
  • communications, etc.
  • Time of use (TOU) mitigation
  • Zero export
  • Peak shaving
  • And more…
  • Max DC solar: 13,000W for the 12kW model and 11,000 for the 8 kW model
  • Interconnection Voltages: 120/240V split phase and 120/208V 3 phase
  • AC Output: On-Grid = 9,000W continuous; Off-Grid = 8,000W continuous; with Generator = 12,000W continuous
  • Installation: Simple all in one, suitable for installation indoors or outdoors
  • Number of MPPT (Maximum Power Point Trackers): 2, independent
  • RSD compliant using the Tigo TS4 MLPE platform
  • Simple generator integration
  • Can be DC or AC coupled (AC coupled up to 9.6 kW) as well as AC coupled with a generator

Yes, up to 8 inverters for 120V split phase and 9 inverters for 208V 3 phase services.

Sol-Ark inverters are ideally suited for AC and DC coupled installations up to 9.6 kW. They can be AC and DC coupled at the same time, as well as AC coupled with a generator.

Sol-Ark inverters work with virtually any type of 48V battery, including flooded lead acid, sealed and gel lead acid, lithium ion including LFP, NMC, and so on.

A standard 10-year warranty is included with all Sol-Ark inverters.

Yes, bulk discounts are available. Contact your Kinect Solar Account Manager today.

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